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K-9 to 5


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K-9 to 5 is located on Hanover Street, behind VCA Roberts Animal Hospital (Rte 53), in Hanover, Massachusetts. It’s one of the only day care and training center for dogs in the area that offers day care and boarding in an indoor air conditioned and heated facility.

Our staff are dedicated dog people, from different dog backgrounds ranging from vet technicians to kennel staff. They all have a great understanding of dog behavior and love to play with dogs.  All our dogs are screened for behavioral soundness and temperament before they are accepted into the K-9 to 5 family.

During the day the dogs are put in groups selected for compatibility, size, age and energy.  We offer air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter for your dog’s comfort. The dogs are exercised indoors and outdoors as weather permits.    

For overnight stays, we offer separate indoor kennels for sleeping and eating. Our limited space provides personal attention to your dog. One of our dedicated staff members is on site overnight to ensure safety and comfort to your dog while in our care.

Sanitation, health and safety are the top priorities at K-9 to 5. The facility has hygienic flooring, nylon hammocks and bedding that are cleaned every day. Our newly redesigned “neutral zone” entry offers easy, stress free entry and exits for both our clients and their dogs.  Meals, treats and medications are given as directed

We welcome any comments, inquiries and suggestions to better serve you and your dog. Please be sure to check back for new features and upgrades to our website in the near future.

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